Curious or confused as to what 100 level German or Scandinavian course you should enroll in?  Feel free to check our FAQ below for some helpful tips.

What is Basic Language?

Basic Language is the series of language courses called 101, 102, 103, and 104.

How much language do I need to take for GenEd?

This depends on the college in which your major is located. LAS students need to have the equivalent of 4th semester language, which is GER 104 for GER.  Other colleges may only require through the third semester to satisfy the requirement.  Check with your home advisor or with one of ours!

How do I know what level to enroll in?

Incoming First-Year and Transfer students in German should take a Placement Test that helps identify the best class for you. Students interested in Swedish or another Scandinavian language should email Professor Verena Hoefig (

What if I want credit for the courses I've tested out of?

You will need to take the Proficiency Exam to see if you can gain Illinois credit. For German, please contact Charles Webster. For Swedish, please contact Verena Hoefig.

It's been a while since I've taken German, what class do I need to take?

We still encourage students to go by their Placement Test scores; however, you should feel comfortable choosing a lower level if you want to review. We will help you change courses if you do end up in a level that you and your instructor feel is not the best fit for you.

I took 4 years in high school, why should I continue?

Ultimately, continuing the study of language is up to you, but if you have already invested this much, it is wise to continue. Proficiency in a foreign language will put you in a stronger position on the job market and/or as an applicant to graduate or professional school. A major or minor in German or Scandinavian demonstrates cultural awareness and literacy, and shows that you can think deeply and critically about crucial and complicated issues. Employers want to hire people who excel at these skills and who can write and speak effectively (and advanced study of a foreign language boosts your skills in your native language!). Plus, foreign-language study opens doors to travel all over the world. We encourage you to continue!

Whom do I contact if I have more questions?