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Read article: Congratulations to Andrew Schwenk!
Congratulations to Andrew Schwenk!
GLL doctoral candidate Andrew Schwenk has been awarded a competitive and prestigious Fulbright Fellowship to study in Germany during the academic year 2024-2025. He will be conducting research for his dissertation at the Herzog...
Read article: Graduate Research Colloquium
Graduate Research Colloquium
We are pleased to announce the first graduate research colloquium of the academic year for the department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. In two weeks, doctoral candidate Zachary Hader will be delivering a talk entitled “An Introduction to Spectrality through Christoph Ransmayr’s ...
Read article: Early Modern German Cultures of the Book
Early Modern German Cultures of the Book
How did German composers brand their music as Venetian? How did the Other fare in other languages, when Cabeza’s Relación of colonial Americas appeared in translations? How did Altdorf emblems travel to colonial America and Sweden? What does Virtue look like in a library...
Read article: Emblems in the Free Imperial City
Emblems in the Free Imperial City
Civic virtues were central to early modern Nürnberg’s visual culture. These essays in this volume explore Nürnberg as a location from which to study the intersection of art and power. The imperial city was awash in emblems, and they informed most aspects of everyday life. The intent of this...
Read article: The Health Humanities in German Studies
The Health Humanities in German Studies
The first full-length study to bring together the fields of Health Humanities and German studies, this book features contributions from a range of key scholars and provides an overview of the latest work being done at the intersection of these two disciplines. In addition to surveying the current...
Read article: “The Journalism of African American Sherman Adams on Race in the Swedish Press of the 1960s, 70s and 80s”
“The Journalism of African American Sherman Adams on Race in the Swedish Press of the 1960s, 70s and 80s”
Sherman Adams was born in Atlanta and immigrated to Sweden in the 1960s, where he became a prominent activist and journalist. His memoir, Mitt Amerika (My America), published in 1980, is still well known in Sweden. It gives an account of Adams’s childhood during Jim Crow. The memoir was published...

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In addition to courses in German for the complete immersion experience, we offer numerous classes in English, most of which fulfill General Education requirements. Undergraduates can also pursue study abroad in Vienna or elsewhere in the German-speaking world via Illinois Abroad and Global Exchange, and our graduate students regularly win fellowships to do research at a wide range of universities and libraries in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia. Join us!

GER 465 - Die deutsche Sprache in Österreich

GER 465 - Die deutsche Sprache in Österreich

Explore the German language in Austria from a sociolinguistic perspective.

GER 465

GER 473 flyer

GER 473 - Protest Memory: Post-1989 Literature, Film, and Theory

We will discuss a diverse archive of post-1989 literature, film, and memorials in order to reexamine the so-called Peaceful Revolution and the interval year of ’89-90.

GER 473

GER 396 - Babylon Berlin

GER 396 - Babylon Berlin

In 1929, Berlin was known to be a hedonistic city of extremes: corrupt wealth existed alongside destitute poverty and an underground world of wild parties and glamour.

GER 396

GER 201

GER 201 - German Popular Culture: Tales of Horror

It is hard to overstate how central vampires and zombies, doppelgänger and killers, ghosts and artificial humans—haunted hybrids—have been to the construction of German identity.

GER 201

Holocaust on Film

GER 261 - Holocaust on Film

We investigate literary and filmic representations of the Holocaust.

GER 261

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Germanic Department Courses Spring 2024

Check us out in Spring 2024! Some of our courses are highlighted here, and contact Charlie Webster ( for more information about our full range of offerings!

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