September 2019: Conference "Germany From the Outside"

Annual conference of the American Friends of the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach

Organizer: Prof. Laurie Johnson

Speakers include B. Venkat Mani (U Wisconsin), Claudia Breger (Columbia U), Gizem Arslan (Southern Methodist U), Scott Spector (U Michigan), Bettina Brandt (Pennsylvania State U), Paul Michael Lützeler (Washington U-St. Louis), Carl Niekerk (U Illinois), and Veronika Füchtner (Dartmouth C). Moderators are Imke Meyer (U Illinois-Chicago), Christiane Eydt-Beebe (Eastern Illinois U), Heidi Schlipphacke (U Illinois-Chicago), and Meike Werner (Vanderbilt U). 

The Board of Directors of the American Friends of Marbach will meet after the conference ends on Saturday, September 21. Board members include Paul Michael Lützeler (Washington U-St. Louis), Meike Werner (Vanderbilt U), Hal Rennert (U Florida), Leslie Adelson (Cornell U), Liliane Weissberg (U Pennsylvania), Devin Fore (Princeton U), Johannes von Moltke (U Michigan), Anson Rabinbach (Princeton U), Walter Hinderer (Princeton U), Kirk Wetters (Yale U), Martha Helfer (Rutgers U), Roland Kamzelak (Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach), Harry Liebersohn (U Illinois), and Laurie Johnson (U Illinois).


Fall 2019:  Exhibition "Was ist Liebe/What is Love...German/American Relations(hips)"

In conjunction with the Goethe Institut's Deutschlandjahr project

Organizer: Lauren Karplus, BA Illinois, 2010


March 2019: Workshop "Vikings, Vinland, and White Nationalism"

Organizer: Prof. Verena Hoefig

Scholars from the Ohio State University and from the University of Colorado Boulder will join us for discussions of how professors can mobilize best teaching practices to respond to the increasing appropriation of medieval culture by radical groups. Guest speaker at the event is sociologist Dr. Jennifer Snook, author of "American Heathens."