Spend a memorable fall or spring semester in Vienna!

Vienna is the historic capital of the multinational Habsburg Empire, a melting pot of language and cultures, and the crossroads between East and West.

Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, and Munich are only a few hours away, while a day's train ride takes you to Venice or Paris-- via the Orient Express.

Participation in the program gives you the opportunity to

  • develop German language fluency and an understanding of European culture and society while maintaining residency as a University of Illinois student. Students from other colleges and universities are encouraged to apply. Those accepted are admitted to the U of I for the Program only.
  • experience a year (or a semester) abroad with classmates from the University of Illinois and well-qualified students from other universities and colleges.
  • receive University of Illinois credit for study abroad. This credit is transferable to other colleges and universities.
  • continue receiving most of your University of Illinois and other forms of financial aid while in Vienna. Pell Grants, ISSC, and student and parent loans apply to this program. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for specific questions about the financial aid you may have.
  • Learn and improve your German as you rub elbows with the Viennese in old-world cafes, chat with Austrians in the marketplace, attend theatrical and musical performances, visit the city's many museums, hike in the Vienna Woods, or ski in the Austrian Alps.
  • Contact the Study Abroad Advisor, Professor Robert Jenkins (, for more information about the program and how to apply!


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