Graduates of our MA and PhD program in German Studies enjoy outstanding job placements. This is due in part to the exceptional research and teaching training they receive here. We also prepare students for careers in fields outside academia. 

John Slattery, Ph.D. defense 2023: Urbana Middle School, Urbana, Illinois

Lujun Guo, Ph.D. 2023: Ningbo University, China

Stephanie Stoeckl, Ph.D. 2023 (CWL/GLL): Franciscan University of Steubenville

Braden Muscarello, MA 2023: Doctoral Program, University of Pennsylvania

Alexandra Schneeberger, MA 2023: Fulbright Teaching Assistantship, Austria

Evelyn Lamb, MA 2023

Chaoge Wang, MA 2023: Doctoral Program, University of Pennsylvania

Sophie Jin, MA 2022: Doctoral Program, University of Michigan

Johannes Fröhlich, Ph.D. 2020: University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

Ryan Owens, MA 2020: Indiana University - Purdue University

Sarah Henneböhl, Ph.D. 2018: Pennsylvania State University 

Jennifer Jenson, MA 2018: Doctoral Program, University of Chicago

Peter Metzel, MA 2017: Doctoral Program, University of Chicago

Lauren Hansen, Ph.D. 2016: New College of Florida; TechnologyAdvice (Marketing Content Writer)

Alexandra Pölzelbauer Pfefferle, Ph.D. 2015: Illinois in Vienna (Resident Director)

Renata Fuchs, Ph.D. 2014: University of California-Los Angeles; University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

Regine Kroh Criser, Ph.D. 2013: University of North Carolina-Asheville

Bradley Blair, Ph.D. 2013: Northern Illinois University

Molly Markin, Ph.D. 2013: Universität Leipzig

Stefanie Pansch, MA 2013: Geographic Information Systems, Sangamon County, Illinois

Adam Chambers, Ph.D. 2012: Synchrony Financial

Kathleen Smith, Ph.D. 2011: Stanford University

Amanda Sheffer, Ph.D. 2011: Catholic University

Martina Hamidouche, Ph.D. 2011: Nürnberg, Germany

Mary DeGuire Bricker, Ph.D. 2010: Southern Illinois University

Shawn Boyd, Ph.D. 2010: University of North Dakota

Sonja Wandelt, Ph.D. 2009: Sorbonne (Paris IV)

Juliane Edenstrom, Ph.D. 2009: Helene-Lange Vocational College and Fröbel College for Early Childhood Education

Jon Sherman, Ph.D. 2008: University of Northern Michigan

Emma Betz, Ph.D. 2007: University of Waterloo

Carsten Wilmes, Ph.D. 2007: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tobias Barske, Ph.D. 2006: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

William Brown, Ph.D. 2006: University of Illinois

Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe, Ph.D. 2006: University of Louisville

Francien Markx, Ph.D. 2003: George Mason University

Nicole Thesz, Ph.D. 2002: Miami University-Ohio

Suzanne Hilgendorf, Ph.D. 2001: Simon Fraser University

Kathleen Condray, Ph.D. 2001: University of Arkansas

Almut Spalding, Ph.D. 2001: Illinois College

Jim Witte, Ph.D. 2001: University of Illinois