Prof. Hunt was selected to participate in the Inclusive Pedagogy Certificate Program, sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. This highly competitive award will provide 12 selected faculty participants with the opportunity to design or revise syllabi or course materials. Prof. Hunt’s project is to develop a sequel to her “Holocaust in Context” class, “Human Rights and the Politics of Memory, 1945 – Present.” The class currently is being piloted in the Campus Honors Program; this experience will contribute to a more informed revision during the Certificate Program.
The 14-week program engages faculty in online/in-person (hybrid) experiential learning and teaches instructors practical tools for designing courses geared towards diverse populations of undergraduate and graduate students. Some of the topics covered in the program are:

  • understanding the role of bias, identifying microaggressions, and employing micro-interventions in the classroom,
  • fostering accessibility and managing power dynamics and conflict in the classroom for women faculty, LGBTQI faculty, international faculty, and faculty of color,
  • constructing inclusive syllabi, assignments, and classroom policies, and more.